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Rudra a First Generation Entrepreneurs, has an ideology to win the long race, widely recognized for his thought leadership abilities and guidance, some of these include Belief, Passion, Networking, Optimism, Startup Capital and Partner (Co-Founder). Rudra is moreover a wealth creator and fresh leader. He also coach professionals and leaders in business and personal Life. He believe that finding your excellence is an inside job.

With the advent of the modern marketing concept and innovative business plan, Rudra can easily create customers by fulfilling their needs. He compete ferociously by standing against those businesses who follow the traditional business norms. He is associated with many NGO’s, orphan homes and various social projects also and actively dedicating towards needy and underprivileged.

Rudra’s Life Coaching Is Different From Any Other. If You Are Severe About Changing The Situations Of Your Life And Are Open To Exploring How Life Lessons Or Coaching Can Help You. Your Rudra Results Life Coach Will Become Faithful Companion In Your Life. I Expects The Best From Your Inside So That You Will Dare To Perform Your Best. I Help People Fight Powerfully With Whatever Challenges They Are Facing In Life, Challenges Related To Business, Career , Relationships, Finances Etc. That’s The Class Of Value And Capability He Brings To Your Life.


Author of 20+ Motivational Books, Freely avaible on Matrubharti.


Best Industrial Partner award by HDFC bank.

An Inspiration

Rudra has dedicated his life to giving to others. From initiating programs in over 1,500 organizations and providing fresh food to 10,000 people a day in India, Rudra’s actions demonstrate his belief that when we give more, we become more. If you’re interested in joining him on his mission to end hunger and stop child trafficking, donate to these organizations via the links below. Take action today! Click Here


Join Rudra in his 1 Million Meals Challenge with Feeding India. In the last five years, Rudra’s has helped provide over 20 thousand Meals to hungry Indian families and those in need through his challenge. His goal? Providing 1 Million MEALS by 2025.