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Personal Coaching will Help those PEOPLES?

  • Who wants to improve their confidence and self-esteem and be able to express themselves better?
  • Who wants to overcome procrastination and have had difficulty in forming and sustaining productive habitsdespite multiple attempts?
  • Who are constantly worrying and stressed out and are looking for ways to be relaxed and at ease irrespective of circumstances?
  • Who wants to improve their relationships with their spouses, family members, managers or office colleagues and reduce conflicts?
  • Who don’t find their current jobs/work fulfilling and need support in defining next steps for their career and/or are looking for ways in which they can enjoy the work they presently do?
Whether you are looking to propel your career forward, make an important life transition or accomplish a stretch-goal, we are committed to ensuring that you achieve your vision for success. Creating tangible results in your life and career is our utmost priority, and so our coaches are all fully certified with rigorous training and accreditation, and we utilize evidence-based coaching models and methodologies rooted in positive psychology, adult learning techniques, neuroscience and change theories. You can learn more about each of our core services below.

Ready for the next step?

If you have already been through the FAQs / Success Stories or other sections of this site and are SERIOUSLY considering exploring life coaching for yourself, a good idea will be to set up a 30 minute COMPLIMENTARY Personal Coaching Session with me on the phone call.

In the Personal Coaching session..
a) You will get an opportunity to clearly express to me and articulate the challenges you are dealing with, without the fear of being judged or being fixed.
b) You will understand what it will take to create a breakthrough in those areas of your life that are not working. In relation to this, you will understand how I coach and what to expect in a 3 month coaching engagement with me.
c) Needless to add what you will NOT get in this session is some ready, quick-fix, superficial solutions/ perspectives on your challenges. (That’s NOT how coaching works).
d) You will get an opportunity to ask me any questions you have about the coaching process and get any doubts you have cleared.

If you are based in India, the session will be on the phone (I will call you). If you are based outside India, the session can be on the phone (you will have to call ) or we can have a Whatsapp/ Skype/ Google Hangout Audio session.

Don’t worry about whether coaching on the phone will work or not. Every year a 100+ clients in India and abroad cumulatively take coaching from me on the phone. They do it BECAUSE it works as effective\ely as (and in some cases MORE EFFECTIVELY than) in-personal coaching.

What our customer says?

“Found my life’s purpose.” Rudra is very skilled at what he does, but does not come across as forceful – and that was really important to me. He helped me find my courage to face the situation and with his help I was able break the whole thing down into actionable items with timelines I felt that I could manage. Most importantly he taught me strategies to cope with the perceptions and comments that inevitably followed – strategies that I will likely apply to numerous other situations in the future. I really don’t think I could have effectively managed the situation on my own and I am beyond grateful for Rudra’s guidance and the positive difference he was able to make in my life in a really short time
Shabnam Jahan
CEO, GaliBazzarDotCom, New Delhi
“Changed my entire perspective of life.” “I was not quite sure what to expect from coaching as I had been to a counsellor some time back – I had found counselling very useful to help me understand why I do the things I do but something was still missing for me and I just felt stuck despite having that understanding. My experience of coaching with Rudra was nothing short of enlightening – it helped me work out exactly what it is I wanted and set me along the path with solid action steps. The beauty of it is that in the entire process I was not told to do anything. I drove the process and felt 100% confident afterwards that I had worked out the best solution for myself.”
Renu Giri
Accountant, Ministy of finance, New Delhi
“I discovered what it takes to be happy.”
Rahul Sharma
Professor, Kota
“I got over the fear of being ridiculed.”
Rohan Sharma
Salaried Professional, Kota
“I feel like a free bird.” IMRudra has changed my life. Having just gone through a particularly difficult crossroad, it really helped me to know that there was someone that I could talk to who wouldn’t bombard me with his opinion or his version of my story. We receive so much advice from so many people (despite how private we may attempt to keep a situation) when going through these circumstances and it’s very easy to let doubt and frustration slip in because all of a sudden there’s all this noise coming at you.
Anshul Sharma
Branding & Marketing Specialist, Agnisys Inc.

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